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Identity & Branding

Branding is the marriage of technology and art. Consider the Nike “Swoosh” symbol. It’s easily recognizable, it’s universally recognized (no text) and it’s simple. Very simple.

The Swoosh was tested in focus groups and in test markets before it became one of the best-known branding symbols ever produced. From Mr. Clean to IBM’s Big Blue, branding identifies your company at a glance, it imprints the company name on potential clients or buyers and identifies your company’s “personality”. Thus, the development of a plan for strategic branding is the first step in establishing the corporate identity you’re looking for.

The next phase of the branding process is display and exposure. Your Web site, letterhead, sell sheets, informational brochures, downloads — from business cards to interactive client presentations — your logo, your branding — appears on everything.

At W3 EDGE, we take you through the labyrinthian process. We work with your company principals to learn all we can about your business model and philosophy, the values of the company, target demographics and, of course, your vision. We then develop a range of branding models from which our clients can pick and choose. By assessing the client’s reaction to the various models, we are then able to create a brand that not only suits the needs of the client, but the needs of the company within its market space, as well.

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... you considered every angle with this project. This level of attention to detail is something I definitely could get used to!

Pete Cashmore, founder, Mashable