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Interactive Design

W3 EDGE, a leader among web design companies, delivers what site visitors expect today. Any web design company can create an on-line billboard, but that’s not going to keep today’s web user engaged. W3 EDGE is the leader in the design of interactive web sites built to create a connection between visitors and site owners.

Most web site design companies don’t even get it!

That’s why our white papers have been approved by editors of authority industry web sites all over the web. We’ve created a new dynamic in web site design that other web design companies are just discovering, putting us way ahead of the curve. One of the keys to success in the world of Web 2.0 is interactivity.

Interactivity enables visitors to contribute to the web site and to express their thoughts, as well. Forums, blogs and user reviews are just some examples of interactivity in action. encourages interactivity by asking customers to write reviews of the very product on that page. How’s that for guts?

But that’s what the new web is all about. Interactivity between visitor and webmaster. If you own an on-line business, you want to know what’s on your customers’ minds. And we can show you how to do just that, while making your site friendlier to both humans and search engines.

Interactivity delivers the kind of marketing data you can’t get from any other source. Here’s how:

  • site blogs
  • forums
  • click to call
  • user referrals (priceless)
  • user reviews (think
  • video demos (cut down on expensive client care costs)
  • audio directions (not sales hype)

Today’s websites must look like today’s websites. With the expansion of DSL in the market, video becomes a valuable tool in any marketing arsenal. Downloads are quick and visitors can actually see products or services in real-world use.

Or, you can now demonstrate how to assemble or optimize your products, again, cutting down on client service costs.

Interactivity brings you closer to your clients or customers and makes them feel well taken care of. That instant e-mail receipt simply makes buyers feel more comfortable about you and their transaction.

User-generated content also keeps your site green in the eyes of search engines.

If you’re using yesterday’s web technology in today’s marketplace, you’re playing at a severe disadvantage. The web design team at W3 EDGE will show you how to add interactivity without a complete teardown of your site, saving you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars.

Or, we can build the perfect interactive site from the ground up for your message, products and services.

Today people expect more from your web site. Let W3 EDGE show you how to meet and beat those expectations every single time. We wrote the book on it.

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