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SEO Copywriting Services

What Makes Site Text Great?
Your site may have slick looking graphics, visitor-friendly navigation and the best prices around. And it still may flop.

Why? The words.

Content – good content – will make or break a site. Text that’s poorly written, that’s filled with typos and lacks the ‘call to action’ that motivates visitors to become customers is just a waste of bandwidth.

You have a few seconds (that’s all) to attract and hold the attention of a visitor.

The headline has to be right, the text & informational compelling, the fluff and BS cut. Each word selected with care to deliver a precise message to a precise market.

What makes text site great? It generates sales and traffic through solid SEO practices.

W3 EDGE generates sales through our human-focuses SEO copywriting services

Is Your Site Eyeball Optimized?
Your bottom line depends on human beings who buy your products or services.

Search engine marketing gets them to the door. Good copywriting draws them in and converts them to customers.

Sure, you need SEO, but you also need EBO – eyeball optimization.

Is your site text:

  • engaging
  • compelling
  • informational
  • motivational
  • appropriate to the target audience
  • accurate
  • Perfect!

W3 EDGE generates perfect site copy for SEO and EBO

Website Synergy:

Other Site Designers Haven’t Even Heard of It!
A website is made up of two layers: the presentation layer that visitors see, and the underlying site architecture that holds up the presentation layer.

W3 EDGE continues to lead the way in developing synergies between your site’s public face and the behind-the-curtain design that makes search engines sit up and take notice.

This dual approach means two things to you:

  • our sites deliver traffic
  • our sites convert visitors to buyers

Our underlying site structure gets them there.

Our site content, design, tone and feel keep them there.

W3 EDGE generates site success. Contact us today for information on our bleeding edge web design and development services and for more information on how proper SEO copywriting help you get both traffic AND conversions.

February 7, 2011 97

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March 9, 2009 81

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February 25, 2008 90

Get Your Blog Google Ranked in 30 Days or Less

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Wow! They have done an amazing job with our project. I can't thank them enough, I have been searching for a company to do just this and I am very thankful to have found W3 MARKUP. I will definitely be working with them in future with more of our projects.

Raymond Benc, phpFox