More than the sum of its capabilities, W3 EDGE is where online businesses are born and infused with competitive advantage

With so many skilled professionals available worldwide today, it’s very easy to “get a site up”, but the more practical matter is: what is the secret to launching a business that succeeds where the vast majority fail?

The answer lies in a devoted and experienced team. As much or as little support and thought leadership as needed will be invested into your project when you decide to work with us. Regardless of the size, scope, or budget, our foremost concern is where the project is headed over the long term and whether or not steps toward that end are being made.

Leadership Team

31bf6f36-3701-11e4-8034-feeb6e355a50Frederick Townes

Frederick is a widely published blogger covering various topics including: internet marketing, social media, web hosting and web design and development. His passions are diverse covering the breadth of topics above, but for the last two years his focus has really been on social web applications and sites.

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Frederick is a graduate of Boston University where he studied Computer Science and Mathematics. Founded in 2003, W3 EDGE is among many web-based businesses started by Frederick. Some of which can be found in the work section of this site.