Web Development

Today’s top sites offer a range of features for visitors. Educational and informational content — NOT related to sales, shopping cart and easy checkout services, easy payment options for buyers, site security, the design, development and usability of a customer database — options that make first time visitors repeat customers.

Whether you’re selling goods or services, you want your site to be more than a pixilated billboard. It has to have form, useable, valuable functions, regular content updates (to keep visitors coming back) and of course, instructions throughout that are clear, logical and, ultimately, helpful to even novice users.

At W3 EDGE, before we develop a single graphic, before we write a single word of home page text, we construct your site on paper to include all of the additional features you want to develop and integrate into your e-biz. Some of these features are designed for the comfort of the visitor; others are designed to help you simplify everything from tax collection to order fulfillment.

The site we build for your business will be designed for your business. We never employ the cookie-cutter approach to site development. E-tailers want customers to find desired products quickly. We make it easy. They want a simple and secure checkout procedure. We make it as easy as filling out a form. They want their personal information to be secure. We use the latest encryption modalities to ensure customer security. We even print out the shipping labels, invoices and track returns for larger operations (or start-ups that plan on becoming larger operations.)

W3 EDGE offers value by managing the construction of your site from start to finish. Cost-effectiveness begins at the design stage. We also employ open standards during the development and implementation of your site, making it easier and less costly to make changes to your cyber-storefront appearance and/or list of features.

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