Conversion Rate Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) drives traffic to your site by way of search engine results pages. However, once visitors reach your site, it’s conversion optimization that turns lookers into buyers.

It’s called the conversion rate — the percentage of visitors that actually stick around long enough to buy a product or retain a service. And isn’t that the point of any commercial web site?

Conversion optimization is often overlooked by site owners and web site designers who figure if a site is search engine optimized, enough visitors will convert to grow a site to profitability. Not true. In fact, it’s much more desirable to be able to convert even low amounts of traffic when you’re first starting out, or branching into new offerings, than it is to wait until you have plenty of traffic on site.

You can drive thousands of visitors to a site but if nobody’s buying anything, what’s the point? You’re just taking up space on the world wide web — and losing money in the process.

W3 EDGE has turned conversion optimization upside down and inside out. Yes, SEO is critical but unlike other design companies, W3 EDGE believes that conversion optimization is what grows a site to profitability — quickly.

Search engine spiders don’t buy anything. Never have, never will. People buy your products or services based on time-tested marketing practices. Define the visitor’s need, fill that need and you’ll be successful.

And that’s just what we do. We place strong emphasis on defining and meeting visitor needs through the use of compelling, engaging, helpful text and images that drive sales to new heights.

We employ the perfect combination of traditional marketing strategies and the latest in web site design to deliver highly-qualified site traffic — visitors ready to make a purchase. And our ever-expanding client roster demonstrates that our unique approach to conversion works. Really works!

We know how to appeal to human needs while addressing the practices of search engine spiders, delivering the ideal mix of SEO and soaring conversion rates. We do it with every one of our clients, regardless of size or site purpose.

Selling products? Let us show you how to increase sales — dramatically.

Selling a service? We’ll build your client list the same way we’ve built our own — successfully.

Delivering a message? We’ll make it clear to visitors and to search engine spiders.

W3 EDGE has led the way in developing the new set of conversion optimization standards through the use of the latest in site design artfully blended with marketing strategies that we know work.

Our success is your success. Call or click for a FREE, top-down analysis of your site and an actionable, affordable strategy to convert lookers into buyers.

Talk to a professional and discover the true earning potential of your on-line store. You’re going to like the improvement to the bottom line. All of our clients do.

Contact us today and we’ll get started building your site to real profitability — real quick.

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