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Links to and from other sites are important, especially to the new site owner, or the site owner who’s not getting enough traffic to keep the site operational — an all-too-common experience. Because you’re the new guy on the cyber block, you don’t get a lot of traffic, you’re deep in the SERPs of every SE under the sun and moving up slower than the temperature on a January morning in Boston. This sad situation has led to a practice called link begging, which is pretty much what it sounds like — shopping around for sites with you which you’d like to swap links, then begging site owners to swap links.

Link begging is an old practice (I-net old, as in 15-years old). It’s time consuming (finding the sites and tracking down the owners), it’s not very effective (more ‘no’s’ than yes’s) and frankly, it’s more than a bit humiliating (Please, pleassse can we swap links?) That’s link begging and you can avoid the whole process and actually have other sites contacting you for a link swap. How?

Three words: content, content, content. That’s what SEs look for and that’s what other sites look for — good content and plenty of it. Not sales copy, not copy that explains why your piñatas are better than the other 1234 piñatas sites, but real, information and useful copy to visitors to your site — hey, much like the text you’re reading right now. We’re not selling anything here, just providing some tips to make link building easier, less time-consuming and a whole lot less humiliating. Why? Because now you have something to offer those other sites that they don’t have — good, easy-to-read information for the piñatas aficionado.

Next problem — from whence does this informational copy come? Lots of choices, here — some free, some low-cost and some rather pricey. Let’s take a look at some of the options open to the new site owner to get quality content that other sites will be begging for — from you.

The lowest cost option, of course, is to write the content yourself. If you’ve got the gift of gab, and can translate that to the written page, you’re well on your way to building credibility for your site — and perhaps on your way to an expert site status, something that an SE spider might grant. Establishing your site as an expert site comes when you’ve got quality, in-bound links — links from like-minded sites that want to link to your little bit of cyber space. Whoooo, that’ll move you up in page rank like a Fourth of July rocket, but that expert site designation will take a few months to obtain. The key, again, is high quality text related to the topics on the services or products you provide.

But what if you aren’t much for words. No worries, there are lots of folks out there who are and they’re ready and eager to bid on your project. A good place to start is Log on, go to the writing and translation section and browse through the different listed projects and the profiles of the various writers and hacks who peddle their editorial wares. You’ll find everything from outsourcing to India, where you can pick up a couple of dozen pieces for less than $50 (though the English my need a bit of tweaking) to experienced, professional copywriters with years of experience and brains full of ideas.

Now, remember, this isn’t SEO text (garbage), these are articles, downloadable booklets and other good, solid information that has no other purpose than to educate and inform your site’s visitors. Search engines love this kind of text and rank it highly. And, if you can add new content every month or so, all the better. The idea is to build an archive of useful information, just like the archive you’ll find on this site. Each month, we add two or three new pieces — nothing elaborate or elegant — just solid information that visitors will find useful on their very first visit. And, naturally, if visitors like what they read, your site will get bookmarked by many visitors who return, each month, for the latest news on the piñatas front.

Expect to pay approximately $15 to $20 a page for good quality text written by a native speaker of English. Really, really good text can run as high as $50 per page — perhaps more than you want to spend on what is still an experiment, put freelance writers are, by nature, a friendly lot and many will negotiate on price, especially if the work is on going. Freelancers love those regular gigs.

But even that may be more than you’ve got in the budget if you’re building your site on a shoestring. Fear not. Your next stop should be to brokers of intellectual properties. For example:

This site offers e-books on every subject imaginable — from paper-training your puppy to how to perform surgery on yourself — and they’re free! Yep, free. So, let’s say you’ve got a site selling family counseling services. Simply visit Click Bank, sign up and download a couple of e-books on child-rearing techniques or “The 10 Things Every Family Should Know About Divorce”. Not only do these e-books add value to your site, you also make a commission on every download you sell.

Free Resale Rights Vault
Same deal, here. You can pick up downloadable e-books for your site at no cost and generate a commission on every download you sell through your site. The point is, the more useful information you can provide users, that is somehow related to your site, the more visitor traffic you’re going to generate. And more importantly, you’ll have more inbound links pointing users to your site.

Quality, inbound links move you up in page rank quickly. And these site owners who want to link to your site are contacting you. No more link begging. You’re in the driver’s seat. They’re begging you, but be kind, be benevolent.

Quality content that provides useful information makes for a quality site and a quality site is one that other quality sites want to link up to. Want to move up in page rank and stop wasting time begging other site owners to link to you? Simple — give the other guys something they want — good content. They’ll be knocking on your door in a matter of months. Better still, you won’t have to rely as much on SE page rank because more and more of your business will reach your site via links from similar sites.

So, time to pull out the old Corona typewriter and get creative. Add informational content to your site and watch your PR zoom to the top — or at least closer to the top than you are now.

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