Search Engine Directories

Search engine directories are great, if you can get listed. The Google Directory contains categories into which different sites are entered, so if you want you skateboard site to move up in PR, get listed under ‘Kids and Teens’ on Google.

Underground Accessibility Tips

Getting visitors to your site, and improving your traffic rate, is tough. So why do some site designers make it even harder for users to easily view your offerings? What you don’t know about accessibility can hurt you – a lot!

Converting Visitors to Buyers

The science of marketing in brick-and-mortar retail stores has been developed for decades. Many of the same principles that tempt you to buy paper towel A over paper towel B can be applied to the design of your site, converting more visitors to buyers. Here’s how.

Site Access

Site accessibility is an issue of ethics, marketing and sales, and even a legal issue, The more accessible your site is, the more visitors you’ll have each day. So, check out the accessibility of your site. It’s good for business and it’s a plain good thing to do, as well.

Site Usability Testing

Many site designers are faced with clients who don’t recognize the importance of usability testing during the development process. In fact, some clients may even view this important step as ‘padding the bill’. Here’s how to answer the question, “Why should I pay extra for something I’m already paying you for?”

Page Rank for Beginners

If you’ve just launched your site and you’re looking to learn more about the importance of Page Rank (PR), here are some helpful, low and no-cost tips to get your page rank up while keeping SEO costs down.