W3 Total Cache v0.13.0 Released


Thank you for using W3 Total Cache!

The newest update for W3 Total Cache is here and we will continue to deliver more speed for your WordPress websites while we continually improve the user experience.

In this release we’ve added a new Pro feature: Debug – Purge Stack Trace. This feature allows you to see why your cache has been purged and is located in the debug section. We have also added a “Feature Policy” security header, Removed deprecated get_magic_quotes_gpc(), improved the AMP Extension by ignoring the value of amp query string marker in request if passed without value in config, Improved lazy loading by not processing elements with skip-lazy class or data-skip-lazy attribute, and fixed the caching of query-string normalization redirects so that they are no longer cached when the cache key is normalized by accepting query string arguments, which in turn caused a redirect loop.

In our public repository on GitHub, you can review our source code, post issues or bug reports, and even submit pull requests to contribute to the plugin. You are welcome to join us there, and we really appreciate all users that have contributed, both past and present.

We are always looking for ways to improve W3 Total Cache with new features, UI improvements, and of course, improvements to the user experience for you and your visitors. If you like what we have done, please be sure to take some time and rate our plugin on the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Once again, we are sending a big thanks to all of our supporters, including those who are active in the forums helping end-users.