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Frederick is a widely published blogger covering various topics including: internet marketing, social media, web hosting and web design and development. His passions are diverse covering the breadth of topics above, but for the last two years his focus has really been on social web applications and sites. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Frederick is a graduate of Boston University where he studied Computer Science and Mathematics. Founded in 2003, W3 EDGE is among many web-based businesses started by Frederick. Some of which can be found in the work section of this site.

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Site Access

Site accessibility is an issue of ethics, marketing and sales, and even a legal issue, The more accessible your site is, the more visitors you’ll have each day. So, check out the accessibility of your site. It’s good for business and it’s a plain good thing to do, as well.

Site Usability Testing

Many site designers are faced with clients who don’t recognize the importance of usability testing during the development process. In fact, some clients may even view this important step as ‘padding the bill’. Here’s how to answer the question, “Why should I pay extra for something I’m already paying you for?”

Page Rank for Beginners

If you’ve just launched your site and you’re looking to learn more about the importance of Page Rank (PR), here are some helpful, low and no-cost tips to get your page rank up while keeping SEO costs down.

Finding the Right Site Developer

Before meeting with the head of the local web site design agency, prepare yourself with some important questions you want answered during your initial meeting – questions that will save you time, heartache, aggravation and, yes, money.

W3C Open Standards

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has developed a set of open standards to increase the stability and durability of the Web and your site. Is your site open standards compliant? Here’s your chance to find out with our look at the latest from W3C.

Spiders, Crawlers, SEM, SERP, SEO and YOU

You’ve got a great looking site and a terrific product so why aren’t you making any money with your e-biz? Simple. Just as you have to market a new store or product here in the real world, you have to do the same with your virtual storefront on the I-net. Here are some tips that’ll help your enterprise get the notice you were expecting.

XHTML, XML, W3C and the Importance of Open Standards

We live in an impatient society where even a few seconds matter – a lot. For example, 84% of visitors to your site will sit through a 10-second download. That number drops to 5% with a 30-second download. The key to converting visitors to paying customers is to help them get through the front door. Here’s how to do just that.