XHTML, XML, W3C and the Importance of Open Standards

We live in an impatient society where even a few seconds matter – a lot. For example, 84% of visitors to your site will sit through a 10-second download. That number drops to 5% with a 30-second download. The key to converting visitors to paying customers is to help them get through the front door. Here’s how to do just that.

Page Weight, Download Times and Your Conversion Rate

In many ways, cyberspace is as wild and untamed as the Old West with snake oil salesmen, gunslingers and assorted desperados aiming to part you from your money. That’s why some organizations are trying to bring law and order in the form of open standards for everything from site design to SE algorithms. Check out how using open standards in the design and development of your site can save time, money and hassles today and down the road.

Search Engine Optimization, PageRank and Your Bottom Line

You’ve got a great looking site and a terrific product so why aren’t you making any money with your e-biz? Simple. Just as you have to market a new store or product here in the real world, you have to do the same with your virtual storefront on the I-net. Here are some tips that’ll help your enterprise get the notice you were expecting.